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Education is Power, Learn to be Empowered

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Our Education System in Albert Einstein’s Own Words

Our Education System

“Do you know anything about teaching”, asked the teacher?

“Apparently not!” answered my friend Marguerite Cavanaugh.
In reality, many who wrote the Common Core Standards merely call each other experts and continue leading others to believe it. Pity there is no penalty for the sham pulled off by these self-proclaimed ‘experts.’ We are the ones being penalized. Maybe we should be penalized, just a little, for electing leaders who turned their backs on their constituency and who are so easily led by others to fall for such transparent duplicity.

Even some of our high officials keep mimicking disproved talking points over and over again, like a broken record. We do, however, appreciate the enlightened ones coming forth with understanding enough to speak up and vote to get Common Core totally out of Florida. After all, they too have children and a nation to save.

Marguerite Cavanaugh
For Fighting Hard to Put anĀ END to the Common Core State Standards